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Exposé: BSHe-7/23 (ID: 6157)

Fire protection assistants - training and qualification in English

Short description

Training in accordance with DGUV information 205-023, § 10 ArbSchG (Occupational Health and Safety Act), ASR (Workplace Regulations) A2.2 and DGUV V1


115,- €  per person    


Dienstag, 27.06.2023   08:00 Uhr


Dienstag, 27.06.2023   11:30 Uhr

Free places (real time)


 Reinickendorf    Ollenhauerstraße 20, 13403 Berlin


Course name and ID
BSHe-7/23   (ID: 6157)

Price per person
• Course: 115,- €

Payment/coverage of costs
• In advance by bank transfer.
• Corporate customers: by invoice.

4 hours (theory: 2 units of 45 min. each, practice: approx. 3 units of 45 min. each, incl. break)

Fire protection assistants in accordance with DGUV information 205-023, ASR A2.2

until 27.06.2026.

• Wear sturdy shoes and suitable clothing for outdoor exercises.
• Bring valid identification document and, if applicable, vision aids.

Target group

Training in accordance with DGUV I. 205-023 / § 10 ArbSchG for employees in various fields of work and the private sector

This training as a fire protection assistant is suitable for, among others, interested parties in:
• nursing and healthcare,
• the service industry,
• the security industry,
• businesses/companies and administration,
• various facilities (childcare etc.),
• manufacturing and production/industry,
• the construction industry,
• the security industry or
• the catering sector.
But also for the private spheres of
• recreation/hobbies,
• camping and
• the kitchen,
it is recommended to attain fire protection knowledge and learn how to skilfully handle extinguishing devices, and which is the correct extinguishing agent to use!

Important, appropriate – everyone can and should learn it!


... "Which fire class can be extinguish with which extinguishing agent?", ...


...Emergency situation is for the person concerned and...

Fire class A, the helper...


Course contents

Our training to become a fire protection assistant is carried out in accordance with legal requirements such as §10 of the Occupational Safety Act (ArbSchG) or DGUV Information 205-023 (previously BGI/GUV-I 5182) of the German Statutory Accident Insurance Association.

In our fire protection assistant training, you will learn, in an interesting way, the legal foundations and important knowledge relating to prevention, as well as – in the practical part (fire extinguishing training) – how to fight incipient fires with different fire extinguishers (extinguishing agents), such as e.g. the water extinguisher, powder extinguisher, foam extinguisher, CO²/carbon dioxide extinguisher, or the fire blanket, to rescue a burning person.

Various scenarios can be presented and practised during the fire extinguishing training, e.g. the explosion of compressed gas containers or fat fire explosions, how to put out a fire on a burning person or a fire involving gaseous or liquid substances.

The effects of choosing the wrong extinguishing agent can be demonstrated realistically. For example, an attempt to extinguish a fat fire with water (danger: fat fire explosion! Do not extinguish fat fires with water!)

In-house training: after prior consultation, we will be happy to include in the training special situations on site at your offices or local fire protection organisation (escape/evacuation plans etc.), as well as specific potential safety hazards.
Non-binding inquiry about on-site training

In terms of theory, you will learn:
• the legal foundations,
• the essential principles of fire protection,
• how to organise company fire protection,
• how fire-fighting equipment works, and how to operate it,
• the dangers posed by fires,
• and the correct way to act in case of a fire.

In terms of practice, you will learn and train with us:
• how to handle fire extinguishers, how they work, and
• their release mechanisms, and
• how to approach fighting a fire and extinguishing tactics.
Training in putting out fires:
• fighting different classes of fire and using different extinguishing agents, as well as
• putting out a fire on a person.

The fire protection assistant training is carried out with the ANB and includes professional fire training equipment, e.g. a fire trainer, at no extra charge!

Interesting and exciting - fire protection assistant training from the ANB:

Future fire protection officers train how to use the fire extinguisher correctly when extinguishing a grease fire.


grease fire explosion

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